Window Well Covers Built, Installed And Serviced In COLORADO!


Manufacturing Window Well Covers In Colorado Since 1996

Our window well covers are manufactured and built in Denver Colorado with components that are manufactured in the USA!
We also use waste materials which are recycled locally in our pursuit of creating a sustainable product.

Lifetime Warranty!

Weather Resistant!

Supports 800lbs!

Emergency Exit!

Built To Last!

Perfect Fit!

Welcome To The Family!

We understand when you purchase window well covers for your Colorado home, it is to protect that investment and also provide safety for the kids, family, friends and pets that will be with you over the years.

Taking the time to understand your wants, needs, and desires while designing your custom window well cover solution allows us to ensure you get the best possible experience.

We know once you understand the differences in the build and quality of our window wells versus the competition you will rest easy knowing the right decision has been made for your loved ones.

Thank you for supporting our locally owned business here in Colorado and welcome to our window well cover family!

Wishing You The Best! - From The Lees

520 Window Well Cover Family

Window Well Covers With A LIFETIME WARRANTY!

We Have Several Different Options To Help You Get The Best Window Well Cover In Colorado.

Low Profile Window Well Covers

Low Profile Window Well Covers

This cover provides the safety and security that you are looking for in a custom cover, at an economical price. Constructed of UV treated polycarbonate and aluminum, this cover is designed to withstand both Colorado weather and the harsh UV rays that discolor other covers. Sloped to move water away from the house as well as to provide the ventilation needed to prevent condensation which can lead to mold and mildew, it is easy to see why so many choose this cover.

Legacy Window Well Covers

Legacy Window Well Covers

Our Legacy Style Covers are a simple solution to cover a window well when the window extends out and above the well. Made from the same UV protected polycarbonate, these covers will allow sunlight through, while keeping out the elements and debris. Hinged to the home and locked into the well, these covers provide protection from the elements and debris and at the same time allowing light into the home.

Legacy Window Well Covers
Custom Window Well Covers

Custom Window Well Covers

We are able to manufacture custom easy egress window well covers for any size, shape or configuration of window well out there. We like the challenge of someone saying, “It can’t be done!” Job one for us is to reassure you that there is a workable solution, and that we’ll do anything, within reason, to make you happy. Keeping our customers happy and your family safe is a commitment that we take very seriously.

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